Get Indexed Quickly!

In the video below I discuss a really simple way to get your brand new blog indexed quickly! (you can start to see activity as soon as within the first hour of doing this).

Check it out:


You can download the ‘php file’ HERE.
(watch the video to learn how to use the script)



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  1. terrance
    2600 days ago

    thanks for the video and script!

  2. Bryan
    2600 days ago

    Hey Steven,
    I have been using a very similar script for about 4 months and it works like crazy. I can run the script and can get indexed in less than an hour using this thing. Its a very sick tool and a must have.

  3. Joe
    2600 days ago

    Thanks Steve,

    You are true teacher in I. M.

    Thank you for your help!


  4. LJ Martin
    2600 days ago

    Cool! I downloaded this, and plan to give it a try. Thanks…

  5. Nick
    2599 days ago

    Good indexed script. Work for my new blog. Thank you

  6. Nick Makaryk
    2598 days ago

    Very good way to get indexed.

  7. Ray Gonzalez
    2582 days ago

    Hello Steven:
    Thank you very much for the video and script. I ran it and runs pretty well. Dit I miss it or it seems you forgot to tell people how to run the script once uploaded to the server and is done by going to:

    I also noticed that it apparently only indexes main domain names. I tried indexing my blog which is under my main domain, for example: and received some errors and “Not recognized domain or IP.