A lot of people have asked me about how I make my blogs “FTC Compliant”… so here’s a video on what I do to do this. In this video I also talk about how you can setup an Adsense compliant Privacy Policy as well.

By the way, I use Auto Web Law (http://autoweblaw.com) to get all of my “legal verbiage” (and documents), and I highly recommend you make the investment into this or similar resources.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, so please take all of the information below with a HUGE grain of salt and consult your lawyer (or get Auto Web Law so you can blame them for any issues :D).

Part 1 – How to add a disclaimer AND a privacy policy on your blog

– you need BOTH. (This video is approximately 10 min):

Again, the link for Auto Web Law is: http://autoweblaw.com