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One of the biggest fallacies in marketing is that you must go into an area you know something about or are passionate about…



Have a look at the following video to learn about the “mindset” we as marketers need to have before we start looking for products. This can save you a ton of wasted time and frustration…

Ok, so we need to start looking at markets where there’s LOTS of traffic and/or where people are spending money…



Instead of creating a site for a niche on “how to grow the perfect water melon” because you happen to like eating watermelon (which is the “wrong” way to go), you might want to pay attention to larger markets (with loads of traffic) like weightloss (yes it’s competitive… it’s because it’s wildly profitable).

So, let’s take a look at how I do my “low-tech” product research. Keep in mind the video will cover some very basic things, however these are the exact steps I use to come up with ideas for websites.


Digital Product Research:

Here are the links to the resources in the video:


Product Research for Physical Products / Hard Goods:

This video is a bit long, about 25 minutes… but I believe it has some great information for finding products and identifying the products / niches that would be suitable to build a site around. If you would like to skip the powerpoint and just watch my step-by-step walk-through then skip ahead to 7:40 in the video.

Here are the links to the resources in the video: