I don’t want to assume that everybody knows how to get a domain name and hosting, so I’ve created a couple of quick videos to help you to 1. choose the right domain name; and 2. choose the right type of hosting.


Video 7: Domain Name Getting
Here I’ll specify how and the why’s of picking domain names… and what to do if you can’t find a suitable one for your nice.


NOTE: I want to re-iterate the fact that you really should consider “exact match” to your keyword phrase for your domain name. By having an exact match domain name you will get a “bonus” from Google and your site will have a much easier time ranking with the Google search engine. In other words, if your target keyword is “GPS Auto Navigation System”, you really should consider a domain name that is: GPSAutoNavigationSystem.com /.net/.org (hopefully this makes sense).

Here are the resources I mention in the video:

  • NameCheap.com – My preferred domain registrar.
  • GoDaddy.com – I use these guys when I’m planning on selling a domain (in other words, for site flipping purposes)
  • GoDaddy Auctions – this is where I often get expired domain names


Video 8: Getting Hosting
This video is all about getting setup with the “right type of hosting” and what to look for in a hosting provider.


Here are the resources I mention in the video:

  • Hostgator.com – a great choice, especially when you’re first starting out.
  • ResellerZoom.com – An alternative to Hostgator if you want a “Reseller Hosting” account
  • DreamHost.com – another alternative to HostGator


Video 9: Setting Up Your Domain Name

This video is a quick video to show you how to point your domain name to your server (just in case you’ve never done it before).


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