In this video I’ll show you how I build blogs quickly by “cloning” a ‘pre-set’ blog. By ‘pre-set’ I mean a blog that has the theme, plug-ins, disclaimer pages already pre-installed. That way once I clone the blog all I need to do is to add a new header and content (and activate some of the plug-ins).

You can also use this information to transfer a blog from one host to another extremely quickly.

In any event, have a look at this video (it’s about 17 minutes):


>>> Click Here For The Blog Zapper <<<

If the link doesn’t work, try (copy link and paste into browser)

Please note: if you’re running your sites on a dedicated server or a VPS solution, I would recommend you use Backup Buddy by Plugin Buddy (the boys over at iThemes) as I and others have had some challenges with the BlogZapper on those. However, if you’re using Hostgator (shared / reseller), Dreamhost or Hostingzoom / Resellerzoom (shared / reseller) and most other common shared / reseller hosting you’d do just fine with the BlogZapper.