I continually get questions regarding keyword research, and more specifically about criteria of keyword research, finding and using exact match domain names etc.

So, I decided to create another video to shed some more light on topic, and that:

1. Google often “lies” to you (the numbers aren’t necessarily what they seem to be)
2. All hope is not lost just because you can’t find “Exact Match” domain names.
3. The criteria discussed in Super Simple Blogging is NOT impossible (in other words, you can still find keyword phrases that fit within the criteria discussed – and that the numbers aren’t necessarily set in stone)

I also do some keyword research “live” in order to find a suitable keyword I would build sites around.

In any event, here it goes (by the way, the video got a bit long at almost 21 minutes):

A quick thanks to those of you who have taken the time to email me with questions…