Mining For Gold On The Internet.

The videos on this page are going to be KEY to your success with any website. Do this wrong and you will have a hard time making money with your blogs.

Laying The Foundation For Success

Here I’ll specify the exact steps of how I find keywords for fun and profit.

Here are the resources I mention in the video:


Competition Research

In this video you’ll learn how to do basic “Competition Research” using a free tool called “Traffic Travis”.
Traffic Travis is a Windows based program, so for Mac users I recommend you use Market Samurai (they have a free trial you can use to do some initial research). So, I’ve included a section in this video on Market Samurai (which works on Mac, Linux and Windows platforms). The Market Samurai section of the video starts at 10:35.


Free Version of Traffic Travis – Please go download this FREE version NOW. It will be important as we move forward (be sure to write down your registration code once you register. You’ll need it to make the software work).


Trial Version Market Samurai – download Market Samurai by clicking the link.


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