Once Again I’m Going To…

Help You Get A
“Money Getting Website”
By Doing Next To Nothing!


Dear Friend,

If you are struggling to figure out how to piece together your own profit pulling websites; tired of seeing a big fat ZERO after months of hard work; or have more money than time, then this is for you.

By now you probably understand the process of building a site using WordPress, and the significance of finding the right niche and keyword combination can have on your income.

While I’ve tried to be as explicit as possible in the Super Simple Blogging videos, I still get dozens of emails a day with people asking questions about keyword research, site structure, content creation, affiliate link / adsense placement, site design etc. Not to mention all the emails about whether or not I have any good performing sites to sell.

Well, the answer to that is…


(but most of my sites sell for 4-figures, which means it’s out of reach for many of my members)

But, I’ve decided to do something that I think will help you shortcut your way to profits (and I only offer this a couple of times per year…)

Over the last few years I have built hundreds of profitable blogs, and have learned many things about how to setup sites that convert well whether it’s monetized with AdSense, Amazon, eBay or Clickbank…

I have created sites that routinely pull in $50 – $500 per month EACH in niches ranging from education to fitness to cookware to electronics (you name it and I probably have sites in the niche). And if you have taken a look at my Super Simple Blogging course, you know how I setup sites that earn an income virtually on “auto-pilot”.

So why should you care about any of this?


I’m going to build the sites for you!

Yep, that’s right.

I’m going to do all the labor intensive site building for you and build you a money-getting site!

So, How Does This Work?

It works like this:

I will do all the research; pick the niche based on the typical criteria I use to build sites; create the content; setup the blog, design a custom logo or header for the site; post all the content; insert your Adsense code; submit your RSS feeds: bookmark your site and more…

In other words, you get:

  • an EXACT MATCH domain name (these are very hard to come by these days, but I will give you an Exact Match Domain Name of my choosing for your new site, which will give you the best chance to rank on the first page of Google).
  • a WordPress Premium Theme (one of the premium themes I use on a daily basis) along with a custom header image.
  • 10 unique articles for your site with a minimum of 400+ words (I will post the first 6 articles on the blog, the rest will be sent in a zip file for you to do whatever you want with, e.g. article submissions etc.)
  • Strategic placement of your adsense code on the site.
  • Installation and set up of the sites on my server (you get 1-year of free hosting for the site with full cpanel access).
  • Power Link Building: Backlinks from 10 web 2.0 properties (using spun articles)
  • 40 .edu / .gov links (blog comments / profile pages)
  • RSS feed submission to various RSS aggregators / directories
  • 3 Way Links (I will setup your domain in my 3 way links account where links are drip fed over 60 – 90 days)

This is a “push button” solution that require you to do NOTHING to get a complete site built with an exact match domain name, content on your site, content for any other link building purposes and link building (including drip fed link building from one of my 3-way links accounts).

In other words, once you place the order you don’t really have to touch them after I make them for you (if you so choose – you can of course continue to increase revenue by adding more links, content and additional monetization).

Just remember, there are…
Only 5 1 Of These Available At This Time


This is an awesome deal and a rare opportunity for you to get something done by somebody that knows what they are doing. Not to mention the fact that you get to see exactly how I set up the sites for maximum success.

So let’s take a look at the TOTAL VALUE OF YOUR NEW SITE:

  • 1 Year Hosting and upload/configuration of site – Value: $25+
  • Premium wordpress theme with custom header / Adsense optimized theme with custom header – Value: $90+
  • Custom Niche and Keyword Research – Value: $50+
  • Research to find suitable Exact Match Domain Name – Value: $20.00
  • Exact Match Domain Name via Namecheap (will push to your account) – Value: $9.98
  • 10 Completely UNIQUE Articles of 400 words – Value: $60+
  • RSS Feed Submissions to 25+ RSS Directories / Aggregators – Value: $10+
  • Installation of Plug-Ins and insertion of Adsense Code – Value: $10+
  • Power Link Building (links from a parasite network) – Value: $45
  • 40 .edu / .gov links (from profiles / blog comments) – Value: $20
  • 3 Way Link Submission – Value: $39


But, You’ll get your CUSTOM BUILT SITE for just $249.00

Please note: Because I oversee the creation of each of these sites personally, I can only make 5 Sites (SOLD OUT)!

Here’s What To Do Next:

Push the “Add to Cart” button below and complete the checkout process. It will take a few seconds.

When you are done, (this is important), I will personally send you an email within the next 24 hours with the details of the site building process…

Turn-around time for this package will be 2 – 6 weeks – You will receive updates from me as the sites progress.

I DO NOT guarantee ANY earnings from sites I build… PERIOD.

Please note, due to the nature of this package… it is NON-REFUNDABLE