Setting Up WordPress For Fun & Profit

Now we’re finally ready to setup our blog. I’ve decided to break the videos up into different pieces to prevent having to create one or two super long videos.


Video 10: WordPress Installation
I don’t want to assume that people know how to setup a WordPress blog… so I’ve made this video for those of you who don’t know how to setup WordPress using Fantastico in your control panel (cPanel).


Video 11: Cleaning up WordPress
After you install your wordpress blog, there are several things you want to do ‘right away’ (so you don’t forget it later) to clean up the guts of your blog. So here’s a quick video on that:


Video 12: Picking The “Right” Theme
In this video I will talk about picking the “right” WordPress theme, along with some of my favorite themes.

Note: I no longer recommend the “Clean Copy” theme due to some of the new changes (improvements) to WordPress. Please find a suitable 2-column theme or select and modify one of the themes below:


Here are the resources I mention in the video:

  • Flexibility Theme – A powerful free theme. This one will take a bit of a learning curve to setup (but it could be worth it).
  • Free Themes – another resource for free themes
  • Studio Press Premium Themes – these are a collection of premium themes (each theme is $59.95. You can purchase an all-theme package for $199.95). Very nice, but very complex to setup. These themes are great examples of what WordPress is capable of doing.
  • Clean Copy Theme – please note that I no longer recommend this theme…


Video 13: Upload & Install Your Theme
Learn how to upload and activate your new theme. If you know how to do this already, just skip on to the next one.

Here’s a link to the free FTP editor I talked about in the video: Filezilla FTP Client
Here’s a Filezilla video tutorial (goes to YouTube)


Video 14: Create a Fancy Header Image For Your Blog
Here’s a semi-longish video on creating graphical image headers for your blog.

Here are the image and software resources I mention in this video:

  • StockXChng – a totally free royalty free stock image site
  • – This is my favorite stock photo site. You will have to purchase credits to download the photos, but they are all of high quality. Also, you only need to download the x-small image size (1 credit)
  • – This is my 2nd favorite site for downloading high quality images. You will have to purchase credits to download the photos here as well. The photos here are $1 each for the smallest one (which is the one you need)
  • XHeader – a free header creation program (I think this is for PC only though). Quite good considering it’s a free tool
  • GIMP – a free image editor. If you don’t have Photoshop or another image editor, this is a very good free alternative
  • 20 Free Photo Resources – a blog post I made a while back where I share 20 free stock photo resources



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